The Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes Foundation (LLF) believes that “positive” music with an inspirational message is one of our best “allies” in the fight for educational equity. LLF is excited to introduce a group of students, families & educators known as the “New Knerds”. Knerds stand for: Knowledgeable-Educated-Relentlessly-Driven-Scholars. The New Knerds have created a platform known as “World War E…the New Fight for Education (WWE).” The WWE Movement provides a venue for these scholars to volunteer their time and talents, as a means of motivating students; particularly those in urban and underserved communities. The New Knerds firmly believe that motivation is the “key” component to ensuring that our future leaders become most successful!
Check out their music at:
Spotlight on New KnERD Chance Wright:

Chance Wright photo chance.jpg
Click here to read Chance's ideas on how to improve school.
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